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Laura has started a series that reviews new fiction and non-fiction by Vermont authors. Reviews appear bi-weekly in the Deerfield Valley News.

2018 Reviews 

Robin MacArthur, Heart Spring Mountain

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Robin MacArthur, Half Wild

Neil Shepard and Anthony Reczek, Vermont Exit Ramps II

Castle Freeman, Jr., The Devil in the Valley

Tracey Medieros, The Vermont Non-GMO Cookbook


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Liar From Vermont


Liar is out!

You can buy Liar From Vermont from Bartleby's Books, which is located just down the road from where Laura lives in the town where many of the stories are set. Bartleby's takes orders online. Liar is also available at your favorite local and online bookshops, directly from the publisher, online at Brigantine Media, and from Amazon.

Read more about the book here.


Reviews for Liar From Vermont

"Liar from is a coming of age story, but it is so much more than that. It is social commentary, depicting the class differences of Vermont farmers and the summer people who delude themselves about their democratic inclusiveness. Itlooks at male and female gender roles and at what women were (and are?) supposed to do to meet those expectations. It examines family secrets and the dynamic of families who havelong conversations while saying nothing of what they feel. It is, as well, an ode to a time that is passing—or that has passed. Above all, it is a wonderful read—witty, insightful, beautifully written, and important." (American Book Review, July/August 2015, Vol.36, number 3)

"[D]elicious—I found myself slowing down, trying to make it last. The collection of stories is beautiful, both in its descriptions of Vermont in the '50s and '60s, and in its evocation of youth, but its pages never sink into nostalgia.

"Peggy is a real, imperfect heroine, and through her eyes, I felt myself back in each stage of childhood with its mixture of the not-quite-expected and the unpredictable." (The Caledonian Record (PDF) (site))

"[T]he book is hard to put down, and readers with a connection to the Deerfield Valley may find themselves drawn in by a sense of familiarity as much as they are by the story. Although it’s never mentioned specifically, the setting for much of the book is Wilmington." (Deerfield Valley News)

"The series of interlocked stories follow the fictional character Peggy Hamilton through the 1950s and 1960s. It deals with class, changes, feminism, illness and death. Hamilton witnesses a neighbor's farm being sold then it's later offered to her father. She gets mixed up with some horse dealers, who turn out to be nice guys." (Bennington Banner)


The liar, in Vermont, 1954.